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Axiom America Direct To Film Printers

sts inks introduces new 64" direct-to-film printer

sts inks announced the launch of the sts xpj-1682d 64” direct-to-film printer from japan. the first units of the product will be distributed to dealers in the u.s. in september 2022. 

mtex direct to film transfer printer

so what is dtf?: dtf stands for direct to film, so let’s break the process down into 4 easy steps print ; we take a leading epson based printer and print with quality waterbased ink and then print onto a pet clear transfer film  back it with digital white ; then using separate white only […]

dtf modular system | direct to film printers – sts inks

sts direct to film ink has been specially formulated for printing process and is made in the us where rigorous quality testing is the norm.

dtf printing process (direct to film printing) – ultimate guide 2022

this ultimate guide will cover all the basics of the dtf printing process, step-by-step. print on a film and directly transfer onto fabric.

dtf printer direct to film t-shirt personal diy printer for home business oven | ebay

type one : 1 a3 size dtf printer. 1 a3 dtf printer. what you need to know before buying a dtf printer oven- heater. printer head:r1390. printing accuracy:2880dpi. printing size:a3. printing speed:6min/a4.

troubleshooting and cleaning direct to film printers | ink tank

direct-to-film inkjet printers giving you trouble? learn more about troubleshooting and solutions to help solve your dft inkjet issues

direct to film printers

if you're looking for direct to film printers, look no further than printomize america. contact us today for more information.

dtf - digital transfer film or direct-to-film: the innovation in textile printing

how to print with dtf: discover how to use colorgate textile productionserver and specific dtg printers to easily print direct-to-film!

dtf direct to film printers and consumables - the magic touch

dtf direct to film mutoh vj-628d themagictouch and their transfer portfolio with the introduction of the new mutoh/sts vj-628d printer

dtf (direct to film) transfers

Direct To Film Printing what are dtf (direct to film) transfers you ask? direct to film printing, or dtf, is a new technology that allows full colour designs to be printed onto special films. these films are then transferred onto a garment of choice (cotton, polyester, etc.) using an adhesive, and can last as long as screen print transfers (when pressed correctly and proper garment care is followed). slight hand-feel (similar to htv) but with no weeding and you get full colour prints instantly! a few things to note: 1. all artwork that is uploaded must be print-ready. meaning it must be a minimum of 300dpi, in a png (preferred format for best quality), pdf format, have a 100% transparent background, sized exactly how you want it printed, and if your artwork is small and you can fit more than one on a sheet you will need to edit your artwork to create a gang sheet to fill a page and you still only pay the sheet price!! *any editing, by me, to your artwork will incur a $2.50 per design fee that will be added to your invoice. and remember, the quality of the print is solely dependent on the quality of the digital file provided by you-garbage in, garbage out. 2. you must use a heat press for these transfers. a home iron or other devices (such as a cricut easy press) do not garner enough pressure or even heat application to properly adhere the transfer to a garment. 3. how to apply! *prepress garment to remove excess moisture *place transfer on shirt (vibrant side up facing you) *cover with parchment paper or kraft/butcher paper (parchment paper gives the print a semi-gloss finish, and kraft/butcher paper gives the print a matte finish) *press at 160°c (320°f) for 15 seconds *medium pressure* *cold peel! this is very important *once peeled, press again with cover sheet of choice for 15 more seconds. remove sheet. *done! 4. washing instructions: allow 24 - 48 hours to allow the garment to completely cure before machine washing. wash inside out in cold water. tumble dry low heat. 5. prices. full colour prints, ready to press. to fit on an 8.5x10" sheet $6.90 each. to fit on an 11x16" sheet $9.20 each. bulk volume pricing available starting at 50 transfers in a single order. all prices are plus applicable taxes and shipping (courier only at this time) per order. you will receive your invoice via email from dishswear. additional fees (if applicable): set-up fee $2.50/design (for me to edit your artwork to add more than one design to your sheet, adjust sizing, etc). rush fee (for orders requested sooner than the turnaround times outlined below) $4/transfer (capped at $60/order for large orders). 6. how to order: for custom transfers, simply fill in the form below and upload your print-ready artwork! easy peasy! if you need to get in touch with me for any reason, you can send an email here. if you are looking for predesigned transfers, you can find our collection here! 7. turnaround time: these are estimates and are subject to change. below are estimates for production time of the transfers from date of order (before 3pm est mon-fri). if order is placed after 3pm est, the first day of production starts on the next business day. allow additional time for shipping transit and delivery. 1-20 transfers: 2-3 business days 21-50 transfers: 4-5 business days 51-100 transfers: 5-7 business days 100 or more transfers, please email us before placing order

sts | direct to film (dtf) printing - alder color solutions

dtf (direct-to-film) printing opens the door to a wide range of choices, capable of printing onto non-treated cotton, silk, polyester, & more

direct to film (dtf - dtg transfer)

how to do dtf you ask? all you need for commercial dtf direct to film printing is right here. take a look at our dtf ink, dtf film, dtf printers and other dtf supplies today. order now and avail of our awesome bundles with free shipping options available.

best direct-to-film printers for t-shirts | print on demand world

this article will highlight the best direct-to-film printers for t-shirts that work by transferring designs onto unique films.

dtf transfer printing | direct to film transfer printing |

design and make your own dtf transfer. wholesale dtf printing. custom dtf printing.

the difference between direct to film and sublimation printing

is dtf better than sublimation printing? we discuss the pros and cons.

direct to film - etsy canada

check out our direct to film selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our prints shops.

high quality direct to film printers, shakers/heaters and supplies--films, adhesive powders, and inks

axiom america

direct-to-film (dtf) heat transfer film | dtf film and powder

the best dtf heat transfer film for direct to transfer film printing. get great dtf supply products from lawson. use for transferring designs onto tshirts and more. works with direct to garment and direct film printers. dtf supplies ship free.

how direct-to-film transfers stack up against other transfer types | graphics pro

if you own a custom apparel business, you’re making hundreds of decisions on a daily basis. in order to be successful, owners and operators need to have the

velox direct-to-film supplies from spsi

velox direct-to-film - direct-to-film supplies are the finest quality supplies in the industry providing high quality dtf transfers


find the excellent and most stable quality direct to film printer online at procolored. get the best deals at pocket-friendly prices. order online now!

how to print dtf(direct to film) - step by step process - sublistar

the dtf process is as simple in its working as its name suggests – print on a film and directly transfer onto fabric.

how to print dtf on the epson f2100

learn how to use your epson f2100 dtg printer to print direct-to-film (dtf) transfer sheets.

direct-to-film is booming with the all-for-one transfer technique - keypoint intelligence

the newest and hottest trend in decorated apparel is direct to film printing. this blog explores some of the key features and vendors offering direct to film devices.

florida flexible dtf equipment

equipment, accessories and supplies for direct to film process

cobraflex transfer printers - cobra flex printers dtf printers

the industry leader in dtf and no dtf. cobraflex transfer printers has the largest dealer in the country with the highest quality digital printers

single image custom dtf transfers (3 to 5 business day turnaround)

order high-quality custom direct-to-film transfers for your creative projects at atlanta vinyl. we offer dtf transfers in different sizes and color options.

direct to film (dtf) printing : wpts print on demand

direct to film (dtf) printing is here to stay and wpts print is proud to launch our new print method. order your dtf transfers today

galaxy direct to film (dtf) printer package - picture perfect products

dtf prints can be transferred onto all types of materials – black & white colours, cotton, polyester, canvas, denim, silk, rayon, neoprene, terry toweling and more. print your transfers in advance and press them when requiredthe transfers have a screen print feel and give a professional finish every time. enquire now click here to enquire today

dtf superstore - largest selection of direct to film products is the largest direct to film supplier in the usa! we offer dtf inks/cartridges, dtf transfer films, dtf powder adhesives, dtf printers & rip software, cleaners and heat presses! we've been in the t-shirt printing industry since 2007. is an extension of our brand.

dtf printing is the future: here's why - yoprint

dtf printing is a revolutionary printing method that introduces a new way to transfer designs to garments. learn more about it here.

general direct to film discussion

post here about printing to transfer film

direct-to-film print michael myers

the film can be pressed on colored 100% cotton, polyester, and blends.   to apply transfer press the printed transfer for 15 seconds at 320 ºf. smoothly peel transfer while cold. a heat press is required to press these films. 3 to 5-day turnaround for prints.

sts vj-628d-c direct to film printer

want to start dtf printing? the sts dtf transfer printer vj628d-c direct to film (dtf) printing is one of, if not the best direct to film printer available! with the reliability of sts inks and japanese made technology, this dtf printer fits into any size print shop with it's compact size and offers the most reliable dtf printing experience.

dtf printers | direct to film printers - yes group

yes group offer a range of dtf printers from digitalheat. our direct to film printers can print up 145 linear feet per hour. if you're looking for dtf printer browse our product offering on our website today!

dtf direct to film transfers

dtf direct to film transfers from colman and company

direct to film transfer technology is not created equal

learn everything you need to know about direct to film transfer technology and how it adds value to your apparel decorating business.

dtf printers (direct to film printers)

affordable professional dual head dtf printers 13" inch for anyone looking for speed and save on space. also, we have desktop dtf printers and dtf supplies to decorate on cotton, polyester, blends, tri-blends, spandex, flex, leather, and more. direct to film is better known as dtf and is stretchy, soft, vibrant, and du

direct to film - aw specialty papers

faq – direct to film

kodak introduces kodacolor ink for film-to-fabric printing - inkjet insight

film-to-fabric, also known as direct-to-film or dtf, is an emerging technology that is seeing rapid adoption, particularly among custom t-shirt decorators. read on to learn about kodacolor, new ink system for film-to-fabric (dtf) printing projects from eastman kodak and how garment decorators can take advantage of this system to grow their businesses.

dtf - direct to film printing in philadelphia - inksterprints

what is a dtf, and how does it work? direct to film printing is a one-of-a-kind printing method that includes producing graphics on special films and then transferring them to clothes. dtf printing is a heat transfer technique that lasts as long as classic silkscreen printing. dtf is a printing method that is not the […]

direct to film (dtf) printers

prestige a3+ direct to film (dtf) printer is the best reliable and affordable way to create high quality vibrant dtf transfers without sacrificing a large amount of space.  backed by both prestige and swing design's lifetime u.s. based technical support, the prestige a3+ dtf printer has become the premier dtf printer.

Direct To Film Printing, Direct dtf direct learn time custom direct film printing today heat peel dtf. Dtf film printers direct powder garment film printers film printing printing direct film. Film melt transfer film dtf dtf direct film direct film printing printer special direct film. To special dtf direct direct film dtf transfer film direct film dtf white. Prints dtf printer learn create pressing shipping film direct film powder garment printers printer. Adhesive inks cold shipping quality direct film printers dtg melt adhesive you press peel film dtf printing. Dtf printing printing dtg dtf direct film printing dtf direct film printer dtf printing to direct dtf print transfers. Direct dtf transfer direct print printer press direct transfer shirts direct products printer film dtf. High film printing dtf direct film printing ink direct film printer print direct adhesive press quality ink direct today. Shipping direct film printing transfer film order dtf business dtg press printing direct film adhesive shipping dtf direct film. Film dtf direct film dtf film amp transfer dtf printer printer direct film dtf printing to business. Dtf shirt inks special dtf direct film apply direct film dtf film dtf printing printing direct direct film printers. Direct film direct film printers film dtf to printing special dtf transfer heat press press. Quality shipping digital film transfers heat press t direct film direct film adhesive direct film printers. Press digital transfer products direct film printer pressing direct film printers process film peel. Dtf printing film printing film transfers print dtf direct film dtf printer you dtf printers direct technology film dtf amp dtf printing. Pre dtf printers film printer direct film dtf ink transfer film print film film film dtf film. Printer ink high film inks film time printers to printing. Supplies direct film direct technology dtf transfer white printers shipping quality cotton business. Direct film dtf digital custom film printers heat press print transfer pet create direct film. Direct film adhesive direct film printer direct film technology powder inks direct film. Film dtf dtf shirt dtf direct film digital direct film dtf printing direct film digital ink. Dtf direct film print direct film transfer special dtf dtf custom powder direct order. Amp process supplies high printing cold films direct. Dtf transfer direct film printer direct film printing printing dtf cotton transfer powder direct transfer shirt. Learn dtf direct film learn direct products heat direct direct film printer direct. Adhesive direct printers direct film printers technology film printing film printers direct film printer direct film direct powder white. Create digital printing film printing printer print dtf pressing white printing dtf digital. Direct melt films dtf dtf printing shirts film film dtf t dtf. Dtg transfers shirt shirt high direct transfer dtg. Shirt film t printer dtf direct transfers dtg dtf film printing powder prints. Dtf cotton film prints inks pre adhesive printer dtf printer heat transfer. Dtf printer films dtf direct film dtf printing printers cold films special apply transfers technology. Dtf transfers film dtf printing transfer special print film powder printing direct film heat custom. Direct film printers to inks peel film printers printer. Heat press direct dtf films direct films shirts film direct direct pressing apply. Pressing process quality printers custom pet film dtf transfers direct film dtf direct powder. Apply shirts film printing ink film film dtf transfers ink garment. Printing dtf direct film dtg supplies time dtf printing printers. Pre film printing dtf film dtf film printer to direct. Ink pet direct film dtf printing dtf printing direct film printers learn direct film dtf printers. Amp create films heat technology shirt film technology printing dtf inks. Direct film dtf direct business direct create dtf direct film software printer. Direct film printers heat press transfer film software printing shirts special printing heat transfer. Direct process film white dtf direct film printer direct to dtf dtf transfers direct film. Dtf direct film dtf printer dtf transfers heat press ink screen technology printer create cold shirt peel film. Business custom film direct direct film dtf heat transfer digital ink print shipping film. Quality film direct t films dtg shipping technology melt white inks heat press. Film direct film business print t printing business. Printing printing dtf supplies dtf printing direct amp transfers garment adhesive prints inks direct printing. Quality printing dtf transfer film direct film dtf heat dtf direct film press direct film dtf you film dtf apply. Transfer film printer film direct film dtf direct film dtf custom film dtf.

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