What defines home health care?

Home health care is a wide range of health care services that can be provided in your home for an illness or injury. Home health care is often less expensive, more practical, and just as effective as care you receive in a hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF). Home health care consists of specialized and medically necessary services prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of an illness, injury, or medical condition. Home care includes any professional support service that allows a person to live safely in their home.

Home care services can help a person who is aging and needs assistance to live independently; is managing chronic health problems; is recovering from a medical setback; or has special needs or a disability. Professional caregivers, such as nurses, aides, and therapists, provide short-term or long-term care at home, depending on the person's needs. The definition of home health care is medical services provided at home to treat a chronic health condition or help you recover from illness, injury, or surgery. Some people start receiving medical care at home after a deterioration in health or being diagnosed with a serious medical condition.

Many people transition to home health care after a stay in a hospital, rehabilitation center, or skilled nursing facility. The main objectives are to help people recover and stay as independent as possible. At its basic level, home health care means exactly what it means: medical care provided in a patient's home. Home health care may include extensive care provided by trained medical professionals, including skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

Home health care may also include specialty and non-medical care, such as medical social services or daily living assistance from a highly qualified home health aide. As described by the Medicare program, home health care is unique as a care setting, not only because care is provided at home, but care itself is often less expensive, more convenient, and as effective as care provided in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Home health care may include occupational and physical therapy, speech therapy, and skilled nursing. May involve helping older adults with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and eating.

It may also include assistance with cooking, cleaning, doing other household chores, and controlling the medication regimen. Home care is a health service provided in the patient's home to promote, maintain or restore health or lessen the effects of illness or disability. Services may include nursing care, speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy, home health services and personal care services. Most Americans 65 and older are eligible for federal Medicare coverage, which can then be used to pay for home health care services.

A home health nurse provides specialized services according to the doctor's plan of care for a home health patient. Home health professionals keep a record of each visit and provide updates on the patient's condition to the doctor as needed. Patients and their families can save considerably if they choose home health care instead of long-term hospitalization or a skilled nursing facility. Home health services may be provided at the patient's residence (which may be a private home or adult foster home), in an assisted living or long-term nursing facility, or in a memory or residential care facility.

BAYADA is accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program for meeting the highest nationally recognized standards of care in the. Continuity of care is extremely important, and a home health nurse helps keep lines of communication open, helping to teach all parties involved how to properly manage the patient's condition. Most of them work for home health agencies, hospitals, or state-authorized public health departments. Home health nurses can also keep a diary of each patient, recording the details of the visit to ensure continuity of care and communication between the patient's family, caregivers, and medical team.

While the two services sound similar (both are performed in the patient's home or residence), home health care is managed by licensed medical professionals. . .

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