Why is it important to care for patients?

Providing quality patient care can have an absolute impact on health outcomes. It contributes to a more positive patient recovery experience and can improve the quality of physical and mental life of people with serious illnesses, such as cancer. Patient care ensures that the patient remains happy and comfortable with their well-being in mind. They have the right to be treated with dignity and care, and they have the right to have their privacy maintained.

All treatment-related records must be kept so that when the patient needs to see the doctor he can submit his record. Staff must be aware of the different procedures to be followed and must be trained to execute them correctly. Patient care is not only about the medical aspect of nursing. Patients may experience stress from their conditions, injuries, procedures, surgeries, or recovery.

It is important for nurses to treat the patient's physical ailments, as well as his emotional needs. In addition, nurses must be present and supportive of the patient's feelings without crossing the boundaries of intimacy or showing judgment. I've seen firsthand that when you make providing extraordinary patient care a priority, your healthcare business will grow exponentially. When nurses show empathy, they foster a collaborative relationship with patients, which can help eradicate the causes, symptoms, or explanations that result in proper diagnosis and treatments.

However, one thing I don't understand is when healthcare organizations don't see the value of putting patient care as the number one priority. It is important to pay attention to quality in all aspects of patient care, both medical and non-medical. Hospitals can use role-playing games or simulations to teach nurses the skills they need to bond with their patients. They are responsible for answering any patients' questions and always ensuring that their basic needs are met.

It's not just about medical care, but also about the patient's physical, mental and emotional well-being. These are just a few of the reasons why putting patient care first is a necessity for every healthcare organization and company. I think about this blog post often because my own father has been battling lung cancer for the past two years and often doesn't get the quality of patient care he should. So in recent years, the ACP has taken bold stances on climate change as a public health problem, gun violence as a public health problem, the health care needs of diverse populations, including immigrants, and issues related to substance use disorders.

In this recent policy document, the ACP argues that “physicians should advise patients about the risk of having firearms in the home, particularly when children, adolescents, people with dementia, people with mental illness, people with substance use disorders or others who have a greater risk of suffering harm themselves or others are present. We want to have that level of professionalism, that level of respect for whatever role the health worker plays, since there is that level of communication, care and support that accompanies caritas. The University of Louisville School of Nursing strives to educate not only the highly competent nurse, but also the nurse who is kind and caring, as these actions affect the healing process and patient satisfaction.

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